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Getting Beer
All beer will be served in the official Taranaki Beer Festival cup in a 75ml taster or 250ml serve. Last drinks call 15 minutes before session ends.

Restricted 18
Taranaki Beer Festival is an R18 event. A selection of non-alcoholic drinks will be made available  including bottled water and coffee. Everyone will be ID’d if you look under 25, as per the law.

This is an 18+ only event. Persons under the age of 18 or without valid identification will not be permitted entry to the festival. Please bring valid ID with you. Only the following types of ID are accepted at the event:

  • NZ Drivers Licence
  • Passport
  • HANZ 18+ Card
  • Kiwi Access Card

Event changes
From time to time aspects of each annual Taranaki Beer Festival event will need to be changed due to unforeseen circumstances. Taranaki Beer Festival reserve the right to make any required changes without notice, and are not liable for any costs incurred by attendees or participants as a result of these changes unless otherwise stated.



TSB Stadium is strictly a non-smoking venue. Smokers are required to stand outside the building, or in the dedicated smoking area in the “Outdoor Mingle Area”. Please note, no alcohol is permitted outside the venue (apart from the Food Village and Mingle Area.)

There will be a dedicated Safe Zone for intoxicated  people and/or people in need of medical assistance. This area will be manned by security and first aid providers outside the main entrance door.

During the event, Taranaki Beer Festival provides the personnel to manage any emergency evacuation. In the event of an emergency, evacuation instructions will be given by wardens and also over the PA system. Wardens can be identified by their high-visibility vests and/or armbands with the words “Warden” on them. Visitors to Taranaki Beer Festival must comply with the instructions issued by the wardens.



Taranaki Beer Festival is a licensed liquor event operating under strict regulations. We reserve the right to refuse entry if a suitable photo ID cannot be presented on request. If you are asked to verify your age with a photo ID you will be given a wristband to wear for the session.

We reserve the right to remove any individuals from the Taranaki Beer Festival event, whose behaviour prevents other visitors from having a good time. Unacceptable behaviour includes, but isn’t limited to, intoxication, fighting and rudeness. Taranaki Beer Festival reserves the right to deny entry to individuals or groups wearing clothing featuring offensive imagery or slogans. The use of Taranaki Beer Festival intellectual property on clothing, for example, organised tour groups, needs to be cleared with Taranaki Beer Festival prior to the festival. 

Alcohol cannot be consumed outside the main front doors or gates.

Eftpos sales stop 15 minutes before the taps are closed. Taps close promptly 15 mins prior to the end of each session. A ‘Last Call’ announcement will be made letting you know when bars are closing.

Once you leave the venue you cannot be readmitted. If you choose to leave the venue through the main gates during a session, please understand that you will not be permitted re-entry unless you purchase a new ticket.

Promotional photos and video will be taken at Taranaki Beer Festival event and by purchasing a ticket and entering the venue you give permission for your likeness to be used by Taranaki Beer Festival. If you do not want your image used by Taranaki Beer Festival in any future promotional activity please locate a Taranaki Beer Festival volunteer at the event and let them know.


  • You will be refused entry if you are intoxicated
  • You will be refused entry if you attempt to bring alcohol into the venue
  • Alcohol will not be served to anyone who is intoxicated
  • Alcohol will not be served to minors
  • Maximum of two alcoholic beverages purchased per service
  • See annual session times for bar closures.
  • Attendees must finish their alcoholic beverages by the end of the session times.
  • Attendees must vacate the venue by the end of the session times.
  • Sample pours (75mls) only available for any alcoholic beverage which is 10% ABV and over
  • Standard pours (250mls) only available for any alcoholic beverage less than 10% ABV
  • Free water is available via water stations throughout the venue as well as on all bars
  • Low and non-alcoholic beverages are available at some Taranaki Beer Festival bars
  • Taxis are available outside the entry gates at the end of each session or ask one of the event staff to call one for you
  • A Safe Zone is available for you and will be marked at the venue
  • Anyone requiring assistance in the Safe Zone will not be permitted re-entry into Taranaki Beer Festival
  • Anyone deemed intoxicated will be asked to leave Taranaki Beer Festival at any time during the event
  • There is zero tolerance for unruly or aggressive behaviour
  • Smoking and vaping are not permitted inside the venue, please use the designated smoking location only, if you fail to do this you may be asked to leave the venue
  • All conditions of entry will be strictly enforced